Where Do You Get Your Audiobooks

This post is a response to Katy’s recent blog post where she asks, “Where do you get your audiobooks?

Like Katy, I read the majority of my books in audiobook format.

Local libraries

I’m lucky to have access to two libraries in my region. The Lower North Island libraries offer ePukapuka, which is powered by Overdrive and accessed through Libby. Wellington City Libraries offer īWhare Pukapuka, which is also powered by Overdrive and accessed through Libby and Borrow Box as well as host of other online tools for accessing different types of media including magazines and newspapers.

Audiobooks have changed the way I read books. Your local library is the way to go if you’re into it.

When an audio version isn’t available, I can still borrow an ebook and sync it directly to my Kobo!

Apple Books

If the library fails me, I head to Apple Books. Using Apple Books is out of simplicity as it’s a native app on my phone. They tend to be expensive, but for the odd book, now and then, it’s okay.


Finally, if all else fails, I can head to the Kobo store, where I have an account ready to go.


I’ve looked at Libro.fm but have yet to use them. The bookstores that the service support aren’t local to me. I still like the idea, though.

In the meantime, I’m watching Booksellers to see if they are rolling out something similar locally.

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