Ticket Scalpers

So, Home Grown is coming up this weekend - Saturday 26 April. Tickets sold out pretty damn quick, but all those tickets didn’t go to punters who actually had intentions of attending the gig.

By the time I had the funds available to purchase a ticket I was dismayed to find that the event had sold out. I quickly head along to Trade Me to see how much they were going there.

Sadly single tickets were put up for minimum prices of $150-$250. The people selling these tickets didn’t have reasons such as “family emergency has popped up, unable to attend concert”. Infact 98% of the auctions up for Home Grown tickets didn’t have a reason at all, they have just copy/pasted the event listing directly from Ticketek.

I’m not sure where these people get off. Who do they think they are? Ticket resellers. Now this happens with EVERY event that pops up in New Zealand, be it the Sevens, Foo Fighters even the Smashing Pumpkins concert I went to last month. Something really needs to be done to curb this, but what can you do? Have the ticket only usable by the person who purchased it originally, somehow enforce it to be sold for cost price so that people who purchased with no intention of ever going cannot make money on the re-sale? I’m not sure how it could work exactly…

In conclusion I will wait until Friday/Sat morning to see if I can pick up unsellable tickets at a reduced price. heh.

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