The music and me

Music has always been a massive part of my life.

I’m happy listening to almost anything; rap music has been my number one joy in music for as long as I can remember. The way the artists take words, twist them, make them fit a scheme, and the complete mastery of language is incredible to me. And the beats, from the energetic to the chilling to the haunting, it’s music that moves me.

During high school, pop punk, punk rock, alt-rock, whatever it is, was a big part of my musical/life. This music embraced (most of the time) the fun things in life, partying, skating, driving, and girls. This music also included themes of heartbreak and relationships gone wrong. This was equally relatable as the fun themes. Many of my friends and I dealt with the emotions and experiences associated with the end of (our first) romantic relationships and feelings of sadness, anger, and betrayal during these years.

I would find comfort in many of these songs from this era over the coming years.

Out of school and entering the workforce, my musical interests took off in a different direction. Dance music. The local dance music scene was good for House, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Trance and Hard House. My first gig was a trance gig which led to my first hard house gig. I spent many years with an interesting bunch of people dancing from dusk until dawn. Hugs, smiles and sweat. Hard house kickstarted my vinyl collection. It was a wild time to be alive.

Some people refer to Pop music as a “guilty pleasure” because it is perceived as lowbrow or lacking in substance. Some people feel ashamed for enjoying it. Not me. I love pop music because it is catchy and upbeat and often has lyrics that are easy to sing along to. I love upbeat pop music. It can be a mood booster and makes you feel good. I often associate it with having a good time, similar in a lot of memories to punk rock.

You’ll see a lot of pop songs come up in my history.

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