Smashing Pumpkins With Queens of the Stone Age

I believe the Smashing Pumpkins were last in Aotearoa about ten years ago. This time they’re bringing Queens of the Stone Age with them.

I got into the Pumpkins a bit when they released Mellon Collie, but who didn’t love Bullet with Butterfly Wings or Zer0? Picked up their new album ZEITGEIST last year when they released, was fairly decent, a few songs I enjoy - so was keen to pick up a ticket when the concert was announced.

I never did get into QOTSA much, the only song I knew by them was No One Knows, and only today found out that the drums were too extreme in this track that they had to get the legendary Dave Grohl to fill in for them.

Sadly I don’t think they’ll have Dave with them tonight playing drums for one track 😦

Concert starts in a couple of hours, will let you know how it goes once I recover.

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