Podcasts Worth Exploring: Recommendations Received

In my previous post, My Podcast Rotation: Keeping It at Four, I asked for podcast recommendations, and surprisingly, I received a few suggestions worth sharing.

My wife has been diving into parenting podcasts and got me to check out Good Inside with Dr. Becky, so I’m planning to listen to a few episodes soon.

Andrew reached out to recommend Hemispheric Views, a podcast I recently tuned into for Episode 097: Duel of the Defaults! during the Default Apps craze last month. I caught up with their most recent episode, 099: AaaS! (Adam as a service), featuring Adam from OMG.LOL. I’ll keep this one in my rotation.

Then, Kev dropped a list of recommendations on me! This American Life, Serial, and Land of the Giants. I listened to This American Life years ago, so I’ll explore recent episodes that look interesting. Similarly, I binged on the first season of Serial during its initial buzz; I’m not sure if I’ll dive into any more. As for Land of the Giants, it’s a new one for me, and I’m excited to catch up on stories about the tech companies I’m less familiar with.

I’m still keen for more recommendations! Feel free to email me or leave a comment with your blog—let’s keep the conversation about great podcasts going!

Update 02/01/2024 Several weeks ago, I got another recommendation from José Muñoz. I’m only catching up now while I have some downtime. His top four podcasts are:

I’ve yet to have a chance to dive into any of these, but I will be sure to give the latest episodes a go when I get going with yard work when I get back home. José also has a fantastic website; be sure to check it out!

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