It's Wild Out There

Alert Level: Four
Day: 17

Every Saturday I visit my grandma at her retirement home. Every weekend I bring her supplies or treats that she looks forward to every week. Fresh grapes, the TV Guide, brandy, ginger nuts, cheezels…

During this pandemic, the TV Guide is no longer in print, and I’m not sure if it’s going to carry on as I think it may be part of Bauer Media New Zealand that announced that it’s closing its business.

My wonderful wife, however, spent a couple hours this morning putting together a handwritten TV Guide for her, I really hope that she appreciates it, let alone understands what’s going on. Shrug…

Anyway, I made my contactless drop-off but wasn’t able to see her, she must have been in the lounge. The staff member that I spoke with through the window was excited to receive the supply drop and was off to find her to give her her goodies.

On the drive back the scene before me was wild. People everywhere, cars everywhere. I understand that after 16 days people may get a bit complacent but this was absolutely rediculous. People congregating on the streets, hell I had one vehcile come up behind me rapidly and eventually overtake me in a 50 km suburban street and take off so fast that I couldn’t catch their number plate. Hell!

On the way up the hill towards my home again, but this time a motorcycle decides to speed up and overtake on double yellow lines around a corner going uphill! Then 5 seconds later, turned left down my street to pull up to the dairy. I pulled over while dialling *555 and they could hear as the phone was connected to the car stereo. The idiot had the audacity to ask me “what’s wrong?”. I grabbed a photo of his number plate, that already looked like he was trying to obscure it and carried on. Reported. Hope he gets spoken to because that’s just idiotic.

There were two more deaths reported today but only 29 new cases. While I’m happy that we’re seeing a decline of cases related to overseas travel I feel that we’re about to start seeing a lot more cases increased based on community contact. From what I’ve seen out in the streets today, it’s the casual New Zealand relaxed attitude that will set this whole thing off again.


Kia Kaha! Don’t be stupid!

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