Book Report: Stonedogs

I picked this book up and read before the previous one, also from Borders. This was Craig Marriner’s first novel, which also won him the 1992 Montana New Zealand Book Award.

The story deluges into the streets of New Zealand depicting the underground world of the drugs and gang culture. The brotherhood, a group of friends together since high school who smoke dope and plot ideas to bring down capitalism and the corporate machine, far fetched and just dreams. Until a bad run in with a local gang member, revenge is plotted via a conspiracy to land them a bucket load of cash, that could fund the start of their revolution. Of course this could never work out well could it? Prepare for an action paced read to its conclusion!

I loved this book! The use of New Zealand slang throughout the story helped me relate with the characters and their plights. I suppose Stonedogs isn’ as epic of a story as Once Were Warriors was, and probably won’t spin off into a movie, but it does follow the same lines, a look into New Zealand culture that isn’t widely promoted, so to say. I’m pretty sure that everyone could enjoy this book, that is unless you have a deep seated hatred against drug and gang culture and can’t stand anything that references to them and pretend such things don’t exist and ignore them. heh. If you have read this book, let me know what you thought!

I’ll be looking at picking up Craig’s second book, Southern Comfort as soon as I can, will have to arrange for Borders to order it into my local.

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