About fLaMEd

Heya 👋, I'm fLaMEd 🔥, and I'm the webmaster of fLaMEdFURY. I have been a citizen of the Internet since 1996. I love the web (as well as the Internet), but not all things about the web. I have a huge dislike for the current commercialisation, monitisation, and walled garden silo approach of the modern web.


My interests are many.

I enjoy keeping fit, either by working out in my garage gym or walking the dogs many times a day.

Working out, walking the dogs, or chores around the house, I'm most likley listening to music. it's not often that I'm not!

I enjoy reading, both books and comic books. If i'm not in the mood for reading I enjoy nothing more than chilling on the couch and enjoying a movie or a TV show.

While i don't have the time and energy for it like I used to, I love playing computer games.

I'm a big fan of beer and have tried thousands during my time but have settled on a few styles that I enjoy. as well as drinking beer, I enjoy brewing it and do this regularly.

My family is my biggest interest, among all the things listed above, my wife and my son are my number one priority.

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